All 2020 free of charge!
Recurring payments

All you have to do is choose a service provider and we will provide the amounts payable and the actual rates. You can also create recurring payments for your leisure activities or hobbies! The price of one payment is 0.15 Eur, but not more than 0.99 Eur / month

All recurring payments in one basket

Create as many different baskets as you want, group payments in the most convenient way and only your imagination will limit titles of the baskets. Set reminders to pay with minute precision.

More than 1000 service providers

Pay for electricity, water, internet, kindergarten, loans, buy a fisherman's ticket, pay for a sports club, hairdresser or barber.

Convenient data entry

All you have to do is to enter how much you consume, and we will do the calculations for you!

Pay as usual

Pay the bills as it seems most convenient at the time - by bank card, bank transfer or with Sollo barcode at Maxima cash register.